Rio Secreto Underground River Tour

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Rio Secreto Underground River Tour with Crystal Caves and Tulum Ruins

Explore the bewitching world of underwater wonders with the Rio Secreto Underground River Tour with Crystal Caves and Tulum Ruins. Embark on a full-day excursion to Rio Secreto Nature Reserve to witness the stupefying underground river in one of Mexico’s most iconic underground caves. Wade through the tranquil waters and relish in the calm within the cave as you come across crystalline formations hanging above the beautiful waters. After the unique experience, head to the breathtaking cliff top fortress of Tulum. Take a guided tour into the old-world structure and explore the stunning ruins of history as you witness magnificent sights of the Caribbean from Tulum. 

Rio Secreto Underground River Tour

Embark on this half-day experience to witness the majestic Rio Secreto Nature Reserve of Mexico. While the site is renowned for its underground river, this package lets you explore the ‘dry’ trails that lead to the Mayan underworld. Rapple and cycle along the underground river through the dry route and witness spectacular rock formations dating back millions of years. Head to the Salon de la Paz to participate in a unique light-and-sound show set up within the ancient natural attraction that would tell you stories from the beginnings of the universe.

Tickets To Rio Secreto And Lunch

Renowned as the Mayan Underworld, Rio Secreto Nature Reserve brings to life a mysterious world of caves and underground rivers that you can explore with the Tickets to Rio Secreto and Lunch package. Head to one of Mexico's most intriguing natural attractions, where visitors get to witness rock formations that date back millions of years and the calm waters of an underground river. Walk around the caves and even swim in the waters as you take in the stunning natural beauty of the caves. Once you have explored the attraction, come back up to the ground and enjoy a light lunch consisting of local delicacies, marking a memorable end to an exciting day.

Exclusive Rio Secreto and Tulum Tour

Walk down memory lane as you witness two remarkable relics of the natural and man-made history of Mexico with the Exclusive Rio Secreto and Tulum Tour. Start your day with a visit to the ruins of the Tulum fortress, which rests on a clifftop facing the Caribbean. Explore the magnificent ruins with a knowledgeable guide, and then embark on your journey towards the Mayan Underworld of Rio Secreto Nature Reserve. Witness millions of years of natural rock formations as you enter the underground world of hidden caves and an underground river. Walk and swim through the one-kilometre underground stretch, and end your day with a lip-smacking meal after your Rio Secreto Underground River Tour.

Itinerary Of Rio Secreto Underground River Tour

  • Start your half-day Rio Secreto Underground River Tour by directly reaching Rio Secreto Nature Reserve or requesting pickup services from your Cancun accommodation.
  • As you arrive at Rio Secreto Nature Reserve, a guide would brief you about safety considerations. You would also be provided with equipment like a hard hat with a lamp, a life vest, a wetsuit, and water shoes.
  • The guide would accompany you inside the iconic underground cave, where you would witness crystalline rock formations on ceilings and floors. Walk through the dry path or swim through the turquoise waters of the river as you encounter millions of years of history and nature in the myriad colours and minerals of the Rio Secreto Nature Reserve caves.
  • Exit the cave and shower at the Rio Secreto facility where you are provided lockers and towels to store items and clean up.
  • Relish a mouth-watering lunch at the regional buffet in the restaurant of Rio Secreto, which would serve local delicacies perfect for a light lunch.
  • As the tour ends, head back to your hotel by bus if you have opted for drop-off services or on your own with memorable pictures and an experience you would never forget.

Know Before Your Rio Secreto Underground River Tour

What To Wear?
Useful Equipments
Additional Info
  • It is recommended that you book Rio Secreto Underground River Tours in advance as you can only visit the Nature Reserve through organised tours.
  • Remember to bring along your swimwear and towels, and everything else required for the tour will be provided as part of the package.
  • Don’t use sunscreen or insect repellents as visitors are required to shower before entering the premises, so you would have to wash them off.
  • You wouldn’t need to bring a camera along as all groups have professional photographers accompanying them.
  • Remember to use the restroom before entering the caves as visitors are not allowed to pollute the underground with body waste.

The required attire for Rio Secreto Underground River Tours is swimwear, which you can change into at the facility itself. You would be provided with water shoes, a compulsory life jacket, and a lamp-fitted helmet as part of your attire for the exploration.

  • Swimwear
  • Hard helmet with lamp
  • Water shoes
  • Life jacket
  • Wetsuit (optional)

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to embark on your Rio Secreto Underground River Tours is in the early mornings. The caves might feel hot and musty in the later hours of the day, but it is pleasant in the early morning hours.

How To Reach?:

1. Location:

 Located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the easiest and most recommended method of getting to the Rio Secreto Nature Reserve is by opting for the pickup and drop-off facilities provided with the Rio Secreto Underground Tour from Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum. Other methods include hiring a taxi or taking a bus.

2. By Taxi:

 One-way taxi rides from Cancun and Tulum cost around 500-1,000 pesos, while those from Playa del Carmen cost approximately 120-150 pesos.

3. By Bus:

 Collectives, or public minibuses, run regularly from Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum to take you to your destination.

FAQ's Of Rio Secreto Underground River Tours

How long does the Rio Secreto Underground River tour take?

The tour generally lasts for around one to one-and-a-half hours. From a briefing session detailing the long natural history of the mystical caves to exploring the rock formations and underground river with a guide, the tours promise a memorable experience in a short period.

What is the temperature of the water?

The water temperature on Rio Secreto Underground River Tours hovers around 18-20 degrees. While it does not sound extreme, the caves have no direct sunlight and are underground, which can make visitors feel chilly. Hence, wetsuits are provided by the Nature Reserve to ensure visitors are comfortable.

What can we bring to the Underground River?

The tour includes all necessary equipment required for the experience, so all visitors need to bring is their swimwear and towels to dry themselves up after the underground tour.


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