Rio Secreto Tours

Rio Secreto Tours

Come forward and take the Rio Secreto tours which is a must-try for the history, geology, and nature lovers. The Rio Secreto, often called the Secret River in Mexico, is one of the unique systems that lets you explore underground rivers. This underground river is a beautiful destination which acquires a length of approximately 38 kilometers, but to one’s astonishment only 10% is used for ecotourism. It was discovered in 2004, however, only after April 2008, tourists have been visiting this place. It broke the record in 2016 when approximately 104,000 tourists visited the Rio Secreto. 

The ancient caverns reveal the existence of lives, which is a miracle, and the interaction of time, which is astonishing. This pristine cave system is rare and can be one of the most incredible tourist experiences. As it allows you not only to dig into the history but lets you explore the unexplored part of the world. It lets the tourist enjoy several activities in this semi-flooded limestone cave system like biking and rappelling. The Rio Secreto has clear and fresh water, and the tourists here can experience stalagmites and stalactites in this beautiful world wonder.

Book Your Rio Secreto Tours

Booking tickets for Rio Secreto tours online is highly recommended as it lets you choose your preferred date to book your confirmed slot. It is an easy and quick process that saves you from waiting in long lines at the ticket counter. Apart from general admission tickets, we have a number of best combos and experiences that you may choose as per your preference. You can choose to book the fantastic Río Secreto tours or Rio Secreto Plus. Another great option is Rio Secreto wild tours which provide a guide and let you enter the cave system.

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Select Your Rio Secreto Tours

Rio Secreto Underground River Tour With Crystal Caves

This is one of the best Rio Secreto tours that you can book which allows you to visit the underground river as well as the Crystal Caves. The Crystal Caves are an outstanding and beautiful structure that holds lots of secrets underground. Swim in the underground pool with the cave rocks and stalagmites surrounding and wade to have some fun on the tour. This Rio Secreto underground river tour will have a guide who will give you briefings at the beginning to ensure you won't get lost under the caves. 

Rio Secreto Nature Reserve From Playa Del Carmen

One of the most outstanding and adventurous Rio Secreto and Tulum tours is the one with a visit to the natural reserve of Playa del Carmen. This trip includes a visit to the deep forest of the city with lots of animals, reptiles, and avian species. You can trek nearby hilly top areas or go for the zip lining experience. A guide will be there with you to ensure you don't find yourself in an unknown spot inside the forest. Owing to the adventure level, this is often considered one of the best Rio Secreto wild tours which you shouldn't miss at all costs.

Rio Secreto And Tulum Tour From Riviera Maya

Choose the Rio Secreto and Tulum tours if you love exploring history as you will acquire knowledge about the caves, the geology and sustainability. The tour will include a brief visit to the archaeological site of Tulum, one of the significant historic exploration sites near Rio Secreto. The accompanying professional guide will provide you with several knowledgeable aspects like information about the Mayan culture and the symbolism of the ruins present at this site. You can also swim in the river and enjoy yourself after receiving history classes on one of the best Rio Secreto tours. 

Full-Day Tulum Expedition And Rio Secreto Adventure

This tour plan is the best choice if you are looking for Rio Secreto cave tours which will keep you engaged full day. This expedition comprises a full-day tour of the entire city of Tulum, also known as the center seat of the Mayan culture. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the Mayan culture and how people used to live around it. Apart from several archaeological sites, the Rio Secreto tours will let you explore the subterranean caves and waterways at Rio Secreto. 

Rio Secreto Wild Tour

This one is the most unique Rio Secreto wild tours which include a visit to the natural reserve and several other caves. You will immerse in the natural beauty of Riviera Maya jungle and ancient caves during your Rio Secreto cave tours. Apart from this, you can swim underwater between the stalagmites hanging from the roof. Along with a professional photographer and personal guide, the tour will take care of all the equipment which is necessary for your smooth exploration like helmet, wet suits, life jackets, wet sticks, and more.

Why Should You Book Rio Secreto Tours?

  • Explore the deep caves and underground water with the Rio Secreto tours and enjoy an adventure-filled vacation. 

  • Get to know interesting facts and stories about the cave from your tour guide. 

  • Remain worryless of your safety as you will access the tour with necessary equipment like life jacket, wet suit, water shoes and walking stick.

  • Get the best experience of some natural wonders, like the stalagmites, overhanging caves, and so on. 

  • Get clicked with the backdrop of some of the most unique structures of the world.

FAQ's Of Rio Secreto

Can you go to Rio Secreto on your own?

Yes, you can go to Rio Secreto on your own as the city is relatively small, however if you book the Rio Secreto tours via online mode, you may also avail yourself of a transfer facility which will be more convenient.

What is the Rio Secreto tour so famous?

Rio Secreto is about 2.5 million years old network of underground rivers that pass through the caves of stalagmites. Apart from the tour, one can also indulge in activities such as biking and rappelling when choosing higher packages.

How much does it cost to go to Rio Secreto?

The cost for Rio Secreto and Tulum tours ranges between 88$ to 150$ depending on the package you choose. There are various combo packages which come with different perks and tour options.

Do you need to know how to swim for Rio Secreto?

No, you don’t need to be a pro swimmer to explore the Rio Secreto cave tours, however, it would help if you know the basics of swimming. Also, all the necessary equipment like helmet, life jacket, water shoes, walking stick, and wet suit will be provided for the safety of visitors.

Are there fish in Rio Secreto?

There can be fishes in the Rio Secreto, however, due to less population of those, there are very rare chances of your interaction with them.

Can I take a camera with me on tour?

No, taking personal items like cameras is not allowed for the Rio Secreto tours. But don't worry as professional photographers will tour along with you who will take care you don’t miss any photo opportunities.


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